Water Works: Wet Your Makeup Sponge!

beauty tipsUnless you’ve found a foundation made from heaven, getting a perfectly smooth application straight from the pot is not the easiest.

And if you’re not into brushes or using your finger tips to apply your foundation, you might want to take cue from makeup artists all around the world and use a tiny wedge cosmetic sponge. This is one of the easiest – and best – ways to apply foundation; and an even better way to get a truly smooth application, though, is this little secret: dampen the sponge.

Yep, that’s right: good ole water. Wet your makeup sponge slightly and blend the foundation into your skin. This allows a smooth application and will brush over fine lines like a breeze.

Allure Magazine also has a tip concerning a damp sponge, but is a slightly different method. Instead of applying the foundation directly with your damp sponge, apply your foundation on your skin first, then take the damp sponge and go over your face to smooth it out. As they say, “This removes any foundation that has settled into lines, and creates a soft finish.”

Either method works due to the sponge being slightly wet. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Does Junk Food Give You Acne?

does junk food give you acne?

“Does junk food give you acne?”

This is one of those beauty-things where experts have conflicting ideas about it – one minute it’s “yes” the next minute it’s “no” – however, as someone who has serious doctor-trust-issues, I have learnt that just because a professional says it doesn’t mean it’s always right. (Sometimes. Allegedly. Don’t listen to me.) At the end of the day, you know your own body, and as far as junk food giving you acne, I believe it really depends on the person.

If you already suffer from acne and have a predisposition for it (genetics, etc), junk food, I believe, will definitely affect your skin. For example, I struggled with acne as a teen, and still get zits now and again; and give me one week of eating a greasy burgers, chips, candy, and I will guarantee a monster zit by the weekend. Funnily enough, also, anything with dairy gives me zits, which kinda makes sense because dairy is pretty inflammatory (one of the reason why, whenever someone asks me for acne help, I tell them stop eating dairy). Same with my other friend who has acne prone skin – she can’t have chocolate without breaking out. But for my friends who have naturally clear skin, they can eat whatever they like and their face is still fine.

So the answer is yes and no – but it all depends on your acne situation already: Junk food will probably cause acne if you are already have a history with acne; but if not, you’re totally fine. (And I’m totally jealous.)

What about your experience with junk food and acne? Do you think there’s a link with your skin?

French-girl Beauty Secrets from a French Model

Hopefully it’s clear by now (or else I’d have to work on my branding!), but at Beautifille we’re all about French beauty.

Constane Jablonski shares French Girl beauty SecretsAnd in this month’s Glamour magazine, there is a very small section on French-girl beauty secrets, as told by Constance Jablonski, a French model that you’ve seen everywhere (Estee Lauder, Vogue and Victoria’s Secret, to name a few).

Here are her tips:

Master the evening eye. “Eyeliner gives you a lot of definition – perfect for a dressy event. I put a touch on the inner corners of my eyes and then go darker on the outer corners. It gives more of an almond shape.”

Moisturizing is key. “I abuse moisturizer. At night I use Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Cream (buy at Sephora & Macy’s in the US; and Nordstrom and Amazon.com internationally), and Vaseline on my lips before I go to bed – always.”

French girl beauty secrets by French model Constance JablonskiGet a Little Glow. “I have three rules for a natural flush: Drink a lot of water, try to get good sleep, and don’t eat too much sugar – it’s the worse for the skin!”

The best part of the quickie article? Probably how she summed up French beauty perfectly, which ironically is: “avoid perfection.”

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How to… Tightline Your Eyes (The Safe Way)

beauty tipsSince “tightlining” is a makeup technique that’s gaining more and more popularity, I’m afraid this post is gonna be a bit of a bummer.

What is tightlining, you ask?

Tightlining is when you apply eyeliner to the “waterline” of your eyes, as shown in the photo below – see how there is a very thing line right at her bottom water line (not even the lash line – even closer to your eye than that!)? That’s tightline. The trend started with applying eyeliner to the bottom water line, but it is now done on the top water line as well.

tightlining your eyes are bad. here's the safe way to do itIf I’m being honest, this look looks REALLY good, especially on the top waterline, but unfortunately, tightlining is pretty bad.

Since the eyeliner is so close to your eye, potential bacteria, infection and other nasties may come about. Still, I know many absolutely love this look, so there are a few ways to keep it as hygienic as possible:

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L’Interview… Dawn Michele, Singer of Fireflight

Welcome to yet another new feature (although I guess everything is new since I only started this blog a few months ago?). L’Interview… is pretty self-explainatory, but it will be exclusive interviews on Beautifille, where I speak to chic, inspiring women (and men!) about beauty – be it the products they love, inner beauty, what beauty means to them, and the beauty in their lives.

Dawn Michele Fireflight

Dawn Michele of Fireflight is my first feature, and I am so excited to have her! Her band, Fireflight is an American Christian rock band founded in Florida, US, in 1999. They are just about to release their 5th album, Innova, on May 5th 2015, and have been nominated for several Dove and Grammy Awards. You can see them currently at #1 (9 weeks in a row!) on the Billboard Christian Rock charts.

Hi Dawn! Thanks so much for chatting with me. Firstly, would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

Hello! My name is Dawn Michele, and I am the lead singer of the band Fireflight. We have been a band for fifteen years. I grew up in Florida, and I got a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida.

What made you want to go into music? What is the story behind Fireflight the band?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved music and loved to sing. I sang in my first talent show when I was in elementary school. I started singing in church in high school and I began to feel a calling on my life to sing, but I didn’t know how it could work out as a profession. When I graduated I sang at a service for the graduating class and afterwards was approached by the rest of the band to become the lead singer. We began practicing all the time and traveling on our days off to go to shows. During that time I went to college and got my degree. After five years of working our butts off, we finally got a manager and signed with a record label.

Awesome! And for my readers who may be new to you and your music – what do you recommend they check out first?

We have grown so much in the last few years! If they want a sample of classic Fireflight, I recommend listening to our song “Unbreakable,” and then they can sample our new sound by checking out our newest singles off our album, INNOVA, that is coming out May 5th. The two singles that have been released so far are “Resuscitate” and “We are Alive.”

Dawn Michele SingerI have to say, you have really cool hair…

Thanks! My hair has been an evolution through the years. When we first got started I decided to try a half and half look of light and dark. At that time it was the crown of my head that was blonde and the bottom half that was dark. Then, I joke that I headbanged so hard that the color shifted and it went to half and half from left side to right. I liked the look, but it was so hard to maintain because the blond was so bleached out and the dark was actually a purple black. The purple would bleed over when it was wet. So, for years I had to wash my hair one side at a time in pigtails!

I got really fed up with that so when we launched a new album I went all platinum for a while. After all the abuse my hair was ready to revolt, so I decided to have pity on it and go for a more natural shade. I figured it would be the healthiest choice and I could try and grow it out. Once I saw how the more natural shades were so much more easy to care for, I decided I could reclaim my original half and half look, and I love it!

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Smooth Operator

Aveda Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque ReviewAveda has just released a new frizz fighting product, the Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque, and…

it’s unbelievable.

Said to reduce frizz and unwanted volume by 50%, the deep conditioning treatment uses emollient rich plant butters to “trap” in the natural moisture your hair needs and locks out the external environmental moisture that causes frizz.

(In other words, it is perfect for Singapore’s humidity – and for who aren’t here, perfect for the upcoming summer months!)

But first, let me start off by saying that I have don’t have frizz… at all. I WISH I had frizz, because frizz would mean volume of some kind, and as you know the only focus I have, as far as my tresses go, is getting more hair volume.

I still wanted to try this product, because while frizz is not an issue for me, I did the whole ombre hair thing last year and the ends of my hair are slightly bleached and are looking pretty bad… in fact, it looks so dry and frazzled it could probably pass off as frizz!

I applied the Smoothing Masque in the shower, after shampooing, and left it on for about 3-4 minutes as they directed, and rinsed off (yes, it’s that easy). The result? My hair was ridiculously soft, but… flat. Like really, really, flat. But that means it worked.

(Stay with me.)

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How to… Make High Heels More Comfortable

how to make high heels more comfortable
It’s believed that the way your feet feel determines the well being of your whole body.

And with aches, corns, blisters, muscle spasms, calluses, bunions and just general pain, heels can be one heck of mood spoiler.

As someone who has had SO much problem with heels (my lowest point was being carried, baby-style, by my friend to the cab stand because my heels hurt so much), I have learned some tips and tricks in making high heel a little bit more comfortable that has helped immensely. I hope they will work for you, too.

Picking the right pair of heels

It goes without saying, but it’s important you find a pair of heels that actually fit.

It doesn’t matter how cheap they were or how gorgeous they are, buying just one size too small or too big is a big no-no.

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