Today in Ridiculous Mascara Ads

If there’s one thing to know about beauty in advertising, it’s that mascara ads are the most ridiculous. So much so, that there’s now a law in the States that they have to put disclaimers in them; finally admitting what we’ve known all along – the models are wearing false eyelashes to “enhance” the look of the mascara.

So when I saw this little ad for Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara (I think it’s new?), I just had to snap a photo. I’ll ignore the cheesy name, because the thing that really stuck out to me was the the “1,944% more volume” claim.

I mean… 1,944%?! Come on now.

And then last month, at makeup school, while on lunch break with the others, the topic (obviously) turned to makeup, and I told them about this ridiculous new mascara I saw a few weeks back. And that’s when one of the girls got really excited and said how it’s her favorite and was wearing it; which shut me up ’cause I had just complimented her lashes that morning. They were seriously stunning – the perfect balance between naturally lush lashes and falsies; very long, nicely defined with volume that was there, but not so much that it clumped and looked super fake.

In other words: There might be some truth in that crazy ad. Stay tuned.

Top 3 Best Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliners

I’ve tried many liquid eyeliners, but find them all smudging under my eyes within an hour because I have very oily eyelids. I also live in Singapore and the heat and humidity is probably making it worse. Help?

I knew someone who would always come to me complaining that she had oily eyelids and was looking for the best long lasting liquid eyeliners. She tried many of the “highly-recommended” ones listed in magazines but had no luck, so I suggested the ones below, and she has not complained since!

I’ve tested these eyeliners out myself as well, and they really are the best I’ve tried for staying power:

  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Black. I already mentioned this product here, so you can see my thoughts there, but it’s a waterproof cream eyeshadow that you can use as eyeliner, just apply it with a thin eyeliner brush – they are seriously not kidding with “waterproof”, this will stay on a very long time.
  • MAC Liquidlast. This is the hardest to apply, because the tip is not steady, so I’d recommend using a separate eyeliner brush; but my goodness – this will stay on for DAYS if you want it to (you shouldn’t though). I had so much trouble removing this (in the end only Vaseline worked) so if there’s one eyeliner that will last through… well, anything, this is it. (I read a review that said this is like “super glue”).
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Probably not as “intense” (color-wise), as the ones I suggested above, so this would be a great everyday, simple liquid eyeliner. It looks so simple and unassuming, but the lasting power on this one is phenomenal.

Kontour Like A Kardashian

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians – specifically Kim and her makeup artist – brought back contouring to beauty in a big, big way.

And while I know many makeup artists hate this new contouring craze, I think it works well for her and looks especially great on tanned/olive/medium skintones.

Kim Kardashian Contouring Tips
Photo source: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Here’s how to get major Kardashian contouring:

  • Find the right colors. For contouring, it’s vital to find colors that are in no way orange, bloatchy or streaky – it’s very important to get a good quality, fine powder. The Kardashians’ makeup artist uses Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Kit, a brand we don’t have here but is easily available at Net-a-Porter; and one I love is Make Up For Ever’s Sculpting Kit.
  • Be very light handed. Don’t load too much product on your brush. Instead, start light and build up, which is way better than putting too much and trying to fix it.
  • Know where to apply it. Apply your contour powder to your cheekbones, down the sides of your nose (starting from the edge of your brow) and on your temples. The image of Kim above shows it perfectly. You may also want to add some contour to your jawline which blends down to the sides of your neck.
  • The key is to blend. Blend, blend, blend so it doesn’t look like harsh brown lines across your face. (The image above is pre-blend that Kim posted to show where she contours.)
  • Remember to highlight. Contouring has to be finished off with highlight to complete the look. Highlight down the bridge of your nose, on your forehead above the area between your brows (again, see Kim above), your cupid’s bow, and down your chin. I’ve recommended some good highlighters here.

P.S. A step-by-step guide on how to contour & highlight cheekbones.

Etat Libre D’Orange in Singapore!

As a perfume addict, I am very happy we are getting more niche brands here in Singapore. Especially for Etat Libre D’Orange – a brand I’ve seen in various magazines and have admired their fun, outrageous spirit.

Last week I attended an intimate launch party where I got to meet Etienne de Swardt, the founder of Etat Libre D’Orange.

Etat Libre D'Orange perfumes Singapore Etat Libre D'Orange perfumes Singapore
It was my first time testing out these perfumes and I have to say, it is definitely everything I imagined. The scents are the most unique, strange – strange is good in my world – scents I’ve ever tried. The inspiration behind each scent, too, is so refreshing. (I mean, how many times have you heard a perfume be “inspired by spring”? BORING.)  As Etienne told me, the brand explores “the risky side of perfume”, and is all about “sincerity, joyful attitude… and a whole lot of nonsense.”

I tested the whole range (or at least the ones that will be available here), and my first impressions are:

  • Putain des Places. This is a powdery, musky scent and a cult favorite; if you know French you can probably figure out why!
  • Like This. This has to be the strangest scent I’ve ever tested. Nicknamed “Immortal Ginger”, it is in collaboration with actress Tilda Swinton, so you can imagine it’s just like her: standout, quirky and out-of-this-world.
  • Tom of Finland. In collaboration with the late artist’s foundation, I really liked this scent – lots of suede and sure, very “manly” but I don’t see why women can’t wear it either!
  • My personal favorites were Fils de Dieu, Cologne, Archives 69 and…
  • DivinEnfant. I am obsessed with this smokey yet sweet scent. After being bored of the perfume I’ve been wearing the past 10 years, I finally found something to replace it – I’ve kinda been searching for my next “signature”, and I think this is it. I’ll buy a bottle for myself soon and write more about it later.

Etat Libre D’Orange is definitely a niche perfume brand to check out – I am sure you’ll find something you’ll love. You can find Etat Libre D’Orange in Singapore at Beautique at Takashimaya Level 3.

HD Powder Mishaps: How to Avoid (& Fix) It

In my last post, I got a question on how to avoid the dreaded flashback that can result from using HD translucent powders, especially the popular one by Make Up For Ever.

HD powder mishap
Photo: Allure

The powder – which is so fine you can’t see it on the skin – contains the ingredient silica, which reflects light, so with camera flashes you can get some pretty unfortunate photos. There have been a few of these mishaps on the red carpet in the recent years, like Angelina Jolie above.

We actually talked about this in great detail one day during my makeup course, so here are some options:

  • Don’t use a loose powder that contains silica. Go for talc instead. (However, when used correctly this HD powder is SO good, so I know many don’t want to not use it, so keep reading.)
  • Use very little product. What I do is I apply it with a big fluffy kabuki brush and hit the brush against the back of my hand so excess powder will fall off. So much so, it looks like my brush has no product on it (but trust me, it’s there!) Next, I apply it in circular motions all over the face; going over the same areas several times, “buffing” as much as I can.
  • Test it out first. Unsure? Always test and see how it looks by taking a photo with a flash on your cell phone.
  • If you’ve used too much powder… take a clean big fluffy brush (emphasis on clean – there must be NO product on it) and keep going over the area to try to diffuse and remove the powder, sweeping away the brush from your face.

Really, the only reason why these HD powder mishaps happen is because they used way too much product – so just don’t use too much!

Makeup, I Want My Make Up For Ever.

After playing with makeup and secretly wanting to be a makeup artist since I was a teen, I finally did it – I just finished professional training at Make Up For Ever Academy! During that time, as you can imagine, I worked with a lot of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) products, so I thought I’d talk about them today:


  • HD High Definition Foundation. Is the HD foundation the best foundation ever made? I think so. They are not kidding with the “HD” name – it will make your skin look flawless not only in person, but also in photos – in fact, I think it looks even better in photos, so this is great for weddings, special events and wherever you will take a lot of pictures. A must-have. I also loved their HD Invisible Cover Concealer and HD High Definition Powder… honestly, the whole HD range is perfection (and makes you look it, too).
  • Instant Brush Cleanser. It will clean your brush in an instant. Enough said.
  • Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primers. Excellent, excellent primers and color correctors. My favorites are the Nourishing Primer, the Mattifying Primer, and Redness Correcting Primer.
  • Aqua Cream. I loved working with these. Great waterproof cream eyeshadows that can be used alone, or as an eyeshadow base. I find it makes the powder eyeshadow I put on top more intense, and of course, makes it last super long.
  • Aqua Brow. Apply with a small slanted brush for eyebrows that look natural and stay put in rain, humidity, underwater, sweat – you name it.


  • Aqua Black. Unless you’re an expert, you will probably make a few mistakes with this jet-black, quick-dry, super-waterproof gel eyeliner. (I know I have!) It’s very hard to remove, so “un-doing” those mistakes will be tough too. That being said, if you know what you’re doing and need some serious staying power, this eyeliner is incredible.
  • Cool Lotion. It’s a good make-up remover and does its job, but I much prefer micellar waters – I find once you try them, you never go back to regular makeup removers!

Honestly, it’s hard to find any misses with MUFE, they really are one of the best in the business. As far as everyday products to use, I thought every single lip product they made were fantastic and their eyeshadows were great; very pigmented, smooth and easy to blend.

P.S. You may have noticed Beautifille got a major make-under. My original idea was for an online magazine with less regular but more in-depth beauty posts, but I thought it would be better now as a normal makeup artist/beauty blog with a Singapore focus, since I’m currently based here. I hope you’ll still like it.

Smell Like A Macaron …Because Why Not

“Macaron”. Just one mention and mouths start to water and eye glisten with excitement – who can resist one of those sweet things? (By “one” I mean “twenty”.) And why not get that kind of reaction when you enter the room?

Photo source unknown
Photo source unknown

Here are some of the best smelling sweet-treat inspired perfumes to make you smell as yummy as possible:

  • Britney Spears Fantasy. Cupcake in a bottle. Notes include cupcake accord, white chocolate… and I didn’t pay attention after that, they had me at “cupcake”.
  • Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake. This is the epitome of a macaron-in-a-bottle. Notes include sugar cane, coconut milk and vanilla orchid, so expect a VERY sweet scent.
  • Nina Ricci La Tentation de Nina. In collaboration between perfumer Olivier Cresp and Vincent Lemains, the master chef of the famous Parisian patisserie of Ladurée (aka Macaron Heaven), their goal was to make a scent that “makes you want to eat it”. Notes include (wait for it), macaron, strawberry and lemon.
  • LUSH Vanillary. Sometimes all you need is good old vanilla, and Vanillary is a simple, no fuss, sweet scent. If you’re looking for a cookies and creme kinda smell, try this.
  • Laura Mercier Eau Gourmand Creme Brule. The fact that the top note is “sugar” explains it all. Other notes include caramel, vanilla and white musk.
  • Dior Hypnotic Poison. This Oriental Vanilla fragrance is popular for being a classic “date night” perfumes (is that surprising with a name like that?). Other notes include sweet almond, coconut and rosewood.
  • Jessica Simpson Fancy. Fancy has gotta be one of the better celebrity fragrances out there. The strong, very sweet caramel note is “watered” down with notes of vanilla, sandalwood and pear, making this a mature sweet scent, if you will. Better grab this one fast though, I have a feeling it will be discounted.
  • Other sweet scents include Aqualina Pink Sugar, a cult favorite and deemed the most sweetest perfume on the market, Prada Candy, a “high fashion” candy scent if you will and Demeter Vanilla Cake Batter, the perfect capture of vanilla cake in a perfume.