Taking A Mental Vacation

Mental vacation

If there's one thing we could all do in this fast-paced life, it's slowing down. One of the most significant times in my life of "escaping it all" was after ending a bad relationship. I simply couldn't take all the
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Beauty Tips for Long Haul Flights

travel beauty tips long flights

Traveling the world is undeniably fun - but the plane ride? Not so much, especially for your skin. You skin can take a serious beating on long haul flights. As a kid, my mom would slather some Nivea hand cream on my
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How to… Smell Like A Macaron

Macaraon Laduree

"Macaron". Just one mention and mouths start to water and eye glisten with excitement - who can resist one of those sweet things? (By "one" I mean "twenty".) And why not get that kind of reaction when you enter the room?
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Are BB Creams Bad For Your Skin?

Are BB Creams bad for skin? Find out the truth here.

There's no denying that BB Creams have changed the way (and paved the way) for more products that is both a makeup and skincare product. BB Creams (short for "Blemish Balm") came into the beauty industry after a
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