Beauty Brands That Do Not Test On Animals

As an animal lover, the issue of animal rights is close to my heart. Especially the issue of animal testing in cosmetics.

Personally, it’s a struggle to remain cruelty-free. The beauty products are there (as you will see in the list below, there are plenty of cruelty free options for makeup, haircare, skin and body care), but at the same time, who knows which company is lying, and there are so many other things we use daily that are tested on animals that are not known – for example, did you know your toothpaste is probably tested on animals? What about your batteries? It’s hard keeping up to date and being as cruelty-free as possible, so my personal stance is that I try my best. With beauty products, home care products (especially detergents), with the animals I have in my home and even the food I eat: I always make sure I be as kind to the animals and choose the most cruelty-free version as possible.

Every year, I write about the beauty companies that do not test on animals. Since I have a website with readers, a big part of what I want to do with it is to spread messages and hopefully use this platform for good. 

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And since this is a hot topic, to say the least, to hopefully prevent any arguments (I always get a lot of “hate mail” from posts like this), here are my disclaimers, if you will:

  • This list is my personal research and research from the Internet. I am merely trying to show what I learned and trying to spread the word. The “foundation” behind my research is from PETA’s list of companies that do not test. Read the full list here. I also visited individual company websites to see their policy on animal testing, and in some cases, emailed them to ask if they test on animals. Any personal attacks or hate mail will be ignored.
  • That being said, I cannot know for sure that the information here is 100% correct. Some companies could be lying about it; and at the time of posting this, things may change as the beauty industry changes rapidly and like I said, this is a hot topic and new information always gets revealed. I update the full list once a year. Also, this not a complete list, I just chose brands that I am familiar with and have an international presence.
  • Some of the brands on this list are owned by companies who do test on animals. However my belief is that just because one company is owned by another, it doesn’t mean it’s the same company; they can have different values, ethics, etc. Also I personally support these brands (and am vocal why I do support them) because I hope that will make the parent company will see the success of their cruelty free brands and hopefully make that change too.

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  • Sofie Ottesen

    Since it is 2015 now, I wondered when you’ll update the list?

    • Renee

      Hey Sofie! I haven’t seen any major updates yet but I will definitely be updating soon. Stay tuned.

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  • sydney

    BH Cosmetics dont test on animals either

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  • http://beautifille Zoe

    Thank you for doing this. However, I’m a little confused by why you list some companies that have parent company’s that DO test on animals.

    • Renee

      I wrote the reason above x

  • sheila lampkin

    Because your worth it? Yeah right

  • Yuki

    What do you mean?

    • Renee / Beautifille

      Sorry Yuki I don’t follow?

  • Melanie

    I wouldn’t trust much research from ANY “PETA” site…they are full of it when THEY claim to “save” animals, when they kill most of the pets that they “rescue”…have you seen the statistics? It’s HORRIFYING! Just saying it’s hard for me to believe ANYTHING they say, after pulling the wool over our eyes for so many years…

    • kcblues2

      Melanie, if your going to make a statement like this would you mind backing it up with some facts?!

      • Melanie
      • Melanie
        • Renee / Beautifille

          I couldn’t bear to read all but I got the gist of it – thanks so much for letting me know! I had no idea. I’ve never supported PETA directly since they aren’t in my country but I have been keeping in touch with their animal-tesing in cosmetics info. When I update this list (it’s from early 2014), I’ll look to other sources; although many companies have looked to PETA as a way to “get word out there” about their animal testing so I wouldn’t exactly doubt the information presented. But I’ll still look around. Many of the stuff in the list has also been double checked on the companies website and their statement on animal testing (again, as I mentioned above, some of them could be lying, you never really know), so this post has always been tough to write and I cannot claim that is it 100% correct.

          • Melanie

            No problem! I was SHOCKED myself by these horrid statistics, and there are SO many stories out there when I originally googled, to see if there was any merit to it, so I try to tell EVERYONE that this is an awful organization to donate to, since their $$ clearly doesn’t “save” the thousands of pets that they claim….the most recent one I heard was about some PETA workers picking up a bunch of rescue dogs from a shelter, to “transport them” and get them ready for adoption…the guys in the van actually euthanized them ALL, and dumped them into a grocery store dumpster, witnessed by someone who called the authorities! Again, I was shocked! :(

  • Maddy
    • Renee / Beautifille

      Thanks Maddy – this list was from 2014, I’ll be updating it soon!

  • shan

    Some of these companiea don’t test on animals, but they send product out for its final testing to, or use ingredients from, labs that DO use animals for the test process.

  • Marie

    The Body Shop says they do not test on animals but they are owned by L’Oreal which tests on animals. This is a very blurry line so I have decided to boycott both of these brands.

    As for the PETA comments below, The Huffington Post isn’t exactly a reputable organization. PETA is one of few organizations that are actually going out and making progress. Many times a shock factor is involved but it gets people talking about the issues and that’s not a bad thing. Almost all major animal rights advancements, PETA has been involved in.

    Before spreading mis-information in this PETA smear campaign, probably headed by well funded lobbyist groups (pharmaceutical , agricultural :: Ag-Gag will shock you!), use a little common sense and do some reseach rather than rely on mainstream media.

    PETA Response:

  • Sophie

    Brands are legally required to disclose whether they test on animals, so if it came from the company there’s a very slim chance they were lying. And to add to your list – Colour Pop is one of my favorite brands that I know also does not test on animals :)

  • limor

    Nyx was bought by Revlon. Sucks because I liked Nyx. Revlon tests on animals. I will not buy from a parent company that tests on animals. Stop selling in China. No more animal testing.