How to… Apply Blush for Your Face Shape

I never realised the importance of blush until, of course, I started using it regularly.

Blush brightens your complexion and “wakes up” the face, creating such a glow that you really don’t even need any more makeup. However, blush can look bad – sometimes downright scary – when done badly, and it’s best to apply blush lightly, and according to your face shape, so you get the best out of your blush.

But first, before I go on, you gotta know what your real face shape is (it might surprise you). Read How to: Find Your Face Shape and then come back here to continue.

  • Blush for oval face shapes.  Oval face shapes are considered the ideal face shape since their width and length are about the same. So lucky you! You can apply blush anyway you like, but the most flattering is to go with your natural cheekbones. Start applying your blush from the mid-point of the apple of your cheeks, and sweep upwards towards your temples. Think of it like the Nike “swoosh” logo… that’s pretty much it!
  • Blush for round face shapes. The goal is to give some definition and structure to your face shape, and you can do that by following your cheekbones. Some girls with round face shapes don’t think they have cheekbones, but they most definitely do! Suck in your cheeks as much as you can and follow that line – you add in the definition by applying your blush at a 45-degree angle. Check out How to: Contour and Highlight Your Cheekbones for more help.
  • Blush for square face shape. The goal here is to soften your jawline, and to do that, blush needs to look “doll-like”. To do this, put on blush in small circles, focusing more on the apples of your cheeks. (The apple of your cheeks are the fleshy bits that stick out when you smile.) This gives the illusion of a more rounder, fuller face shape.
  • Blush for heart face shapes. For heart face shapes, you may want to follow the instructions for square face shapes, but bring your blush slightly up towards your cheekbones. Keep this very slight though – the focus should still be on the fleshy part of the apples of your cheeks.
  • Blush for long face shapes. My fellow long-faces gals – our goal here is to create width, and you can balance out the length in your face by applying your blush across your cheeks in a horizontal direction. This can sometimes look unnatural and harsh, so remember to blend! Blend a lot so the blush looks as natural as possible to avoid the “war paint” look. Also, because applying blush in a horizontal way might look unnatural, it’s better not to use too bright blush colors. Opt for more contouring taupey-colors, light bronzers or why subtle peach colors. My personal favorite is a light tan bronzer.

Blush colors for your face shape

This may sound kooky – after all, blush colors should be according to your skin tone, and while I think that’s still true, if you are looking to use blush as a contouring and flattering your face shape, there are better colors for each face shape.

  • Oval: Since oval face shapes can suit all blush application, have your pick of your favorite color as well! I recommend the cult-favorite NARS Orgasm for a universally-flattering, rosy color that suits all skin tones. You can buy NARS Orgasm online at, ASOS and Nordstrom.
  • Round: For round face shapes, the goal here is to define and contour, so contouring bronzers are best. I’ve written more on contouring your cheekbones and you can see all my tips, trick and recommendations there.
  • Square & Heart: The goal is to soften, so a light, feminine pink shade would be great. Check our Tarte’s Amazonian blush in Blissful, which is the most beautiful pink, peach shade. You can buy it online at Sephora and,
  • Long: For long it’s all about width, and width in a natural shade. A light natural looking bronzer would be best, and I’ve tried many and always come back to Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. You can buy it online at Sephora, and ASOS.

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