How to: Fake Dreadlocks

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Let’s face it: Dreadlocks on girls look SO cool.

jennifer aniston dreadlocksHowever, dreadlocks – the real kind – can be a major commitment, and so here’s the next best thing: faking dreadlocks. Yep, you can totally fake this hairstyle, as actress Jennifer Aniston once did (photo, right). Here’s how.

How to make fake dreadlocks

  1. Preparation. Start by dividing dry hair in half, from your ear downwards and clip, leaving one section – the section that you will start working on loose. Clip the very top section of your hair up and away from your face.
  2. Load up on hair gel. With the loose section ready to be ‘done’ up, take 1 inch sections of the hair (or if you want smaller dreads, 0.5 inches) and apply a quarter coin size of strong hair gel.
  3. Teasing it up! Once that section of hair is full of hair gel, roll it between your palms, as if you’re making a play doh snake (you remember how to do that from your childhood, right?) Roll them until they are fairly stuck together. Allow to dry for a split second (maybe 10 section) and with a fine-toothed comb, gently tease the rolled up pieces of hair going upwards, tip to the root of your hair, to messy the style a bit more. Let dry.
  4. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do the same with every section of hair until your whole head is full of your lovely fake dreads.

And that’s just it; 4 easy steps. It’s a long process and can be quite messy, but this works temporarily. To remove your dreadlocks, in the shower, completely saturate your hair with conditioner first (conditioner loosens it up much better than shampoo), then use a wide tooth comb to gently go through the tangles. Next shampoo, condition and rinse off.

My Recommended Fake Dreadlocks Products

fake dreadlocks

  • The men in my life all recommend Gatsby for the best hold. The original Gatsby Wet & Hard Styling Gel, is the original for a reason, and gives strong hold with a semi-wet look.
  • If you’d like your dreads to look more matte (which I prefer) then try out the Gatsby Mat Type Styling Wax.
  • If you don’t want to go the hairgel route and would rather use a styling cream, I cannot recommend Bumble and Bumble’s BB Texture Un-dressing Cream enough, which gives your hair some crazy texture and grit. However, the staying power may not be as strong as a hair gel, so finish your fake dreads off with a spritz of hairspray throughout.
  • L’Oreal’s Elnett  Satin Hairspray is a hairstylist’s favorite and a “cult” product for a reason – in my opinion, it’s the best hairspray ever made.

If you’re looking for more products for dreadlocks, there are many more online at… they seriously have everything, plus international shipping.

Dreadlocks Inspiration

dreads girl inspiration

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