How to… Fix A Bad Haircut

So you ignored my advice on “What Hairstyle Suits Me Best?“, and got a really disastrous makeover.

Or you just got one of those unlucky haircuts. Whatever the reason, don’t fret, here are some ways to deal…

1. Talk to them. This is the first thing that needs to be done, right after you’ve finished your session. Some might call this complaining or being mean, but if you say it in a kind, gentle way, it really isn’t. Just politely go up to the hairdresser and explain why this is not what you asked for. Don’t make a scene. No temper tantrums. No swearing. Certainly no hairdryer-throwing. Treat your hairdresser how you would want to be treated in this situation; chances are they will be more than happy to fix it for you – it is a business and they want happy customers.

2. Find another hairdresser. First, find your best hairstyle that will suit you, and then try to get another hairdresser to do as close as possible.

Also, find photos of what you want – and specifically don’t want to the new hairdresser. (I’ve been told by many hairstylists that photos of what you want and don’t want are much more helpful). Also ask them if there is anyway your awful cut can be saved. Find a place that has a good reputation or ask a friend to recommend her hairdresser.

3. Try hair extensions. It’s my personal belief that any terrible haircut can be hidden by locks of fake hair. If you’re game, there are even wigs! Either way, you can bet I have spent my fair share of money on hair extensions due to terrible hair cuts in the past. Go to a shop and see what you think will work best for your, your cut and your lifestyle.

4. Play around with new looks. This is a good time to get your creative juices flowing. – it could be good to get a new ‘look’, especially if you’ve had the same hair for years. You might even find a look you like! Sometimes, a bad haircut can look better when styled differently; say straight/wavy/curly.

For example, if you have curly hair and too much was cut off, straightening your hair will make it look longer. You can also try to change the parting to play around with the lengths. Tie it up, pin it back, twist it around, curl it, crimp it; anything. Hopefully something will look decent.

5. Tie it up. When growing out my bad haircuts in the past, honestly, I just tied it up for a couple of months until it grew out and looked somewhat decent. I won’t suggest wearing a ponytail everyday for the next 6 months (although you could), but there are plenty of awesome hairstyles that are updos, as I show here:

How to Hide A Bad Haircut: Style Ideas

6. Accessorize. A bad haircut is also an occasion for collecting all the accessories you have and seeing which looks best. Bring out the hats, scarves, hairbands; everything. (If you’re really ashamed of your new hair, I guess a mask would be the best accessory… I kid, I kid.) But I find that accessories can definitely “hide” your haircut for awhile. Hair will grow out after 2 months and your haircut could look fine after that.

7. Hair Vitamins. I have never tried any before but I do hear that some may work. I have heard prenatal tablets also do wonders for hair growth. However, please ask your doctor before you take anything. Or, you can always try my personal favorite for hair: coconut oil. Don’t quote me on this, but I think it conditions hair so much that it might make it grow faster. Check out my Coconut Oil Beauty Tips for more info.

8. Accept it. After many hair disasters (like me) you learn to accept it… it’s only hair after all. In the meantime, it’s always good to take care of the hair you do have right now. Avoid harsh heat and chemicals, and deep condition regulary. That way, your hair will grow out nice and healthy.

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