Created by makeup artist extraordinaire Natalie Franz, MAGICSTRIPES was created after a visit to Tokyo, Japan. Looking for new inspiration and techniques for her work, she came across the popular eyelid tapes, and got to work!

Used to create a fuller double eyelids and fix any droopiness, MAGICSTRIPES allows women of all ages and ethnicities to try this easy eyelid enhancement.

"With the help of our products every woman can visually correct imperfections and can thereby not only look fresher and younger, but also feel like it. You can avoid surgery and the associated risks but achieve the same effects," says Natalie.

On top of that, the MAGICSTRIPES brand grew to include sculpting, intense hydrating and lifting masks, creating a product range for quick fixes that help women look and feel their best - without surgery, but with the same effective results. 

As Natalie sums up her brand perfectly: "Every woman has her secrets - I want to share mine with you!"